MBA™ is FCTI's multi-bank application which induces more ATM traffic to our customer’s locations.

FCTI's patented MBA™ ATM software allows multiple financial institutions to reside on a single ATM driving incremental cardholder use. It provides our customers with an innovative marketing platform to present their guests with marketing messages on the ATM screen and the digital LCD topper attached to the ATM. Adding the capability to provide a dynamic coupon printed on the ATM receipt encourages your customers to make that additional purchase.

During an ATM transaction, the user's full attention is on what's happening on the screen. This provides you with an ideal opportunity to promote to them. FCTI's program enables you to deliver targeted offers to everyone who visits your ATM. Your guests will receive offers and promotions at a time and place where they are highly engaged, potentially resulting in significantly higher response rates, generating incremental revenue for you.

The FCTI software delivers enhanced ATM screen graphics across each of the transaction screens where your customers interact. This provides multiple impressions of your content. The additional LCD video topper provides the ideal medium to present content to every customer, not just those who use the ATM. Our program also provides dynamic receipt printing capabilities delivering a call to action message that is delivered at the point of consumption.

Promotional campaigns can apply across all your ATMs, segmented into geographic areas or have promotions specific to each ATM. Our platform allows you to make campaigns time sensitive delivering promotions at specific times during the day or on specific days of the week. With ATMs powered by the FCTI patented MBA™ ATM software, you can better personalize your customer communications and provide greater consistency across online, mobile, social media and in-store channels.